We are happy to announce that the web version is live and can be accessed via www.airtm.app.
We had some issues with the Instant Voice Cloning's fidelity output which was poor quality, but I am happy to say that we overcame the issues with the IVC it is now providing users with amazing content and we have seen fantastic productions from our community!
In the past couple of weeks, our developers have added the voice settings from ElevenLabs, so users now have the ability to add stability, clarity and style exaggeration, which makes a huge difference to the quality of the voices and the output as well!
We will be working on adding several great features throughout the rest of this year.
Below, you will find what we will add to our web version over the next three and a half months. I will be creating a separate roadmap for our mobile app.
• We were trying to add a new timeline for the launch, but unfortunately, it was not viable. It will be available later next month.
A new timeline. Just to name a few, the timeline will consist of features such as cropping, a more intuitive trimming, text design (overlay text on your videos), merge videos and guidance on how to create better productions.
Expected deployment date - No later than the last week of October.
• Multiple accounts under one main account. We have many users who have purchased more than one account; currently, it's a case of accessing each account separately. We understand this is not the most convenient option, but we had to prioritise what was more important to launch the app at this stage. Our developers will have this feature available soon.
Expected deployment date - Mid-November
• Captions - We are currently working on adding captions to help our users enhance their content. This will work using AI Speech To Text and will be available to start with they'll be 97 languages, which will be close to what we currently have in our voice library.
Expected deployment date - beginning of November
• Upload Documents such as PDF - We understand that copying and pasting is not the ideal way to add much text. We are already working towards implementing this feature for our amazing users for ease of use.
Expected deployment date - End of November
• Embedded links - We understand that our users who create content using video format would love to add links to their website on their productions. This feature is very important, and we will do our best to have it soon.
Expected deployment date - End of November
• Favorite and most used voices. In the next 6 weeks, users can save their favourite voices and the last voice used along with their language. This offers a better UX along with convenience for everyone.
Expected deployment date - Mid-November
Please do feel free to add your suggestions, as we are always open and receptive to our users' views and opinions. We not only want to make the app a better experience for our loyal users, but we want to push the boundaries of the app in every way we can!
The team and I pride ourselves on this amazing app, and I want to wake up every day wondering how we can make it even better. We see that this comes with an open mind as a company and the founder, so I would kindly encourage everyone to please comment and provide feedback and the team and I will work tirelessly to make the app the best it can be for all of us.
We will be changing the colour theme of our app on both web and mobile versions so that we will be moving away from black and red (our current brand colours); we have decided on a new theme so that it will be more colourful, attractive and easier on the eye for our users this will take place either in October or November during our rebrand strategy.
Again, if you have any suggestions or comments, please express your views, and I will take everyone on board!
Finally, if you have read this far, I want to thank every one of you for being here and seeing we have something special and without your support, we wouldn't be here.
Thank you very much!
Jay & the Air Team