Below, you will find final updates for 2023 and also our roadmap for Q1 of 2024.
• Multiple audio in the timeline.
We have added multiple audios for both monologue and dialogue, and you will find the monologue will be horizontal on one layer. For dialogue, you will find the voice segments vertically so that it is easier for users to control the voices when creating audio.
• Multiple videos in the timeline.
Users will now find that they can add multiple videos instead of only being able to use one video file. This allows users not to have to leave the app when wanting to create content with multiple transitions. We will be working on adding more features to the timeline during Q1 of 2024, and our goal has always been to help users by not having to leave the app to create content with third parties in the next three months; we will achieve that!
• Zoom in and auto zoom. A feature that gives users a better perspective on the timeline so that all layers can be seen in their entirety.
The following features will be available during Quarter 1 of 2024.
• AI Script Translation.
Previously, we provided our users with a translation feature, but unfortunately, a few users abused it, and we had to stop it. Now that we can offer ChatGPT with a Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) feature, this removes the cost from the company's side but still allows users to have the ability to translate using their key. Released in January.
• Favourite & most used voices.
Providing users with the ability to save their favourite voices and offer the most recently used voices is a must; this is why it is first on our list of priorities for the first week of January.
• Upload document files such as Word, PDF and Note.
We understand that copying and pasting can be monotonous, so adding a feature where users can upload documents and edit within the app is necessary. We will add this during January!
• Captions & Subtitles.
Another feature will help our users create content without leaving the app. Captions have become very popular; our community has requested them, so we have listened, and you will all have access to this feature in January!
• Embedded audio player & links to Podcasts.
We have spoken with many of our community members who are podcasters who wish to use Voice Air and users who wish to embed audio into their websites. This feature will be added during January.
• Text To Music.
We believe in providing users with the latest technology, and the more we evolve and transition into AI, the stronger we will become as a community. Currently, we are exploring providing our own Text To Music rather than using a third-party API. We will provide more information on this via our community page and social channels, but rest assured that we will have this in our fantastic app before the end of Q1.
• Text To Video.
Another essential feature to provide our users. We have opened the lines of communication with three leading providers, and once we see which suits our application best, we will discuss this with our community. Text-to-Video and Video-to-Video, which is when you turn a specific source video into another video based on text- and video-based prompts) will play a massive role in providing new ideas, new content and a fresh approach to content creation. As with Text To Music, we aim to deploy this in Voice Air before the end of Q1.
We will continue to update the roadmap, but our priority is the above features for our community. We also now have a changelog on the app's web version and our website.
Finally, some of the above will be included in our mobile application during Q1, but please note that some features may take a little longer to add. We will do our best to add them as soon as possible. Also, we will provide more information on the API in January.
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